If you’re worried about potential mold contamination, getting a good inspection is your first step. Our professionals at ASAP Restoration can determine with certainty whether or not mold is an issue in your home or business with or thorough mold inspection.
Mold can form in a variety of colors and growth patterns. The first sign is often an odor, which could develop even before you see any visual signs of contamination. If there’s a musty or otherwise unpleasant odor you can’t quite locate or get rid of, you could have a growth on your hands.

Mold Inspection in Paradise Valley

Give us a call today and we’ll set up a comprehensive mold inspection. It’s important to keep in mind that this substance can be toxic and create serious health concerns. That’s why it’s always important to get a qualified professional to perform your mold inspection.


It takes more than a naked eye to accurately diagnose the type of mold growing in your home or business. At ASAP Restoration, we take samples that are scientifically tested to determine what type of mold is growing in your home.

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Mold typically forms in areas of your home or business where leaks and moisture tend to gather. When contamination is the result of water damage, it will spread on walls, ceilings and other parts of the home. It’s often more widespread than the visible area of mold.

A complete mold inspection requires the use of top industry standard equipment such as advanced thermometers, inspection cameras, and moisture meters. We may or may not use these devices during a visual mold inspection, only if needed to determine mold contamination. If mold is found in the property than we will need the use of these devices for a complete Phoenix mold inspection.

ASAP Restoration, LLC provides a very cost effective visual mold damage inspection for only $99.00. If you suspect that you may have mold in your home, this is a very cost effective way to determine if mold is present in the structure. Our team of certified mold professionals can quickly identify mold growth in your property.

This mold inspection special applies to a visual mold inspection ONLY. This means that a certified mold professional will completely identify all areas in the home that are contaminated with questionable areas with discoloration present. This is special is for home and business owners to quickly know for sure if there is mold contamination.

A further more detailed Phoenix mold inspection can be conducted, however the price will be much different because the mold inspection process is much more thorough and involved as opposed to a visual mold damage inspection of the property. We are IICRC Certified and are highly trained in handling all types of mold contamination situations.